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Site updated 3rd January 2016

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(Updated 3rd January 2016)


Members of the group will be busy over the winter months with routine maintenance of our vehicles and the continued restoration of our 1927 Leyland Lion  .

A full list of events, which we will be attending in 2016 can be viewed by clicking on the events page.




The Bronte vintage open top bus tour will return next year, please call back later for the 2016 dates. 

10th Aire Valley Running Day. 11th October 2015

This years Vintage Bus Running Day was held on Sunday 11th October, we had 30 vintage buses and coaches running a network of service into the dales, these once again proved very popular with most sevices running well loaded.

Next years Vintage Bus Running Day will be held on Sunday 9th October 2016.



May 16th/17th once again saw the group running a FREE vintage bus service from KWVR Haworth Station to the top of the main street, by members of the group who gave their services free.

Once again the vintage buses were very busy smashing last years record number of passangers, 3259 were carried on Saturday and 3103 on Sunday making a total of 6362


Nocturnal Heart of the Pennines Rally 2015

The famous Nocturnal Heart of the Pennines rally, has been cancelled this year, due to the referbishment of the Piece Hall it is uncertain that Piece Hall will be suitable in the future. Please call back for further updates.


Moquette for sale.

We have 2x 26 mtr rolls of Holdsworth's 1950's style moquette in a nice wine colour for sale, 

I am also in advanced talks with Holdsworth's regarding reproducing some blue heritage moquette and am looking to take orders.

pattern 1,   1940/50's Royal Blue coach  / Bradford city transport  pattern,

pattern 2,    typical 1940 to early 1950's coach pattern.

pattern 3,   1950's no descript bus pattern

pattern 4,    honeycomb pattern in buff with very small blue lines

if you would like more details or to view the designs please contact or call 07887726686

Restoration of West Riding Leyland PS2 EHL335

 Ex West Riding Leyland PS2 EHL335 moved under its own power for the first tme in over 40 years, after returning to the groups depot in Bradford for restoration to start. Regular updates will be posted, so please keep calling back.

Bradford 410

Following the unexpected death of member Keith Leighton who owned Ex Bradford AEC Regent III HLW159 this has now been sold to group members Alex & Greg Lawson and David Hudson, for continuing preservation in Bradford City Transport livery.

Image 1




*** After 78 years in exile Ex Blythe and Berwick of Bradford (taken over by West Yorkshire Road Car) Leyland Lion PLSC3 of 1927 (KW1961) has returned to it''s home town, this is properly the oldest motor bus preserved in the area. This gem been acquired by members of the group.***

Work has been put on hold while we wait for replacement engine parts to arrive.

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