1934 AEC Regent I

ANW678 1934 Ex Leeds Corporation AEC Regent I. Full details to follow soon.

1947 AEC Regent III
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Bradford 410 is an AEC RT built in 1947 originally for London Transport (RT172), where it worked until March 1958, when it was disposed of to Birds Commercial Motors, based near Stratford-upon-Avon who then sold it to Bradford where it quickly re-entered service in little altered condition apart from a new blue livery.

In 1968 after 10 years service from Ludlam Street Depot, it was sold directly into preservation and has been restored it to a typical condition when operating in Bradford.

This bus is believed to be the oldest surviving post-war RT- type bus. It has the early style of body with a narrow destination layout and a roof box for the route number.

After the sad loss to the group of member Keith Leighton who owned Bradford 410 the vehicle has been purchased by Alex Lawson, Greg Lawson and David Hudson.

1951 AEC Regent III

LYR533 Ex London Transport AEC Regent III Full details to follow soon.

1952 AEC Regent III
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Bradford 82 is an AEC Regent III built in 1952, and was one of a batch of 40 similar vehicles, with an East Lancs body fitted with Birmingham pattern “new look” enclosed radiator fronts.

She is fitted with an AEC 6-cylinder direct injection diesel engine, fluid flywheel and pre-selector 4-speed gearbox.

On withdrawal in 1972, she was converted to a mobile generator, lasting until 1974 when she was sold to Sandtoft Transport Centre where its engine was used to generate power for the overhead wires. In 1981, 82 was converted for use as a mess room/ sleeping quarters for the British Trolleybus Society.

It was purchased in 1992 for preservation by Jim Speed and Darren Hunt and presented a major challenge. All internal fittings had been lost as had the engine, gearbox, radiator, differential and propshaft, along with 3 chassis cross-members and various other components.

Bradford 82 made its rally debut at Sandtoft in 1994.

She is now owned by Greg Lawson and attends many shows and rallies.


1953 Bristol KSW5G Open Top

WNO480 Ex Eastern National Bristol KSW5G. Full details to follow soon

The vehicle is now owned by Greg Lawson and is available for hire www.yesteryearcars.co.uk

1954 Bristol KSW6B

KNV337 was built in 1954 by Bristol commercial vehicles of Brislington, and has a lowbridge body built by Eastern coachworks of Lowerstoft, it has rare staggered seating on the upper deck this being designed by West Yorkshire Road Car. KNV337 was delivered to United Counties Omnibus Company Limited, Northampton in 1954 where it was in service until being converted to a driver training vehicle. It was withdrawn in July 1972 being sold straight out of service to Graham Ledger from Northampton. It was sold to Roger Burdett in November 2013 and is now on long term loan to Greg Lawson and attends many rallies and shows. The vehicle is now owned by Greg Lawson and is available for hire www.yesteryearcars.co.uk

1962 Daimler CVG6
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574 CNW was delivered to Leeds City Transport in 1962 as one of a batch of six vehicles  which were unusual at the time for LCT as they were Daimler CVG6 with front entrance 70 seat bodywork by Charles H Roe. Up to this date Leeds had always ordered rear entrance bodywork, believing, like London Transport, that backloaders were quicker loading than some of the high seating capacity rear engined vehicles that were by this time available on the market. These vehicles were, however, bought with a specific purpose in mind, in that they were put to use on the Leeds - Bradford service to complement the AEC Regent Vs used  by Bradford Corporation. This they continued to do until the route was given over to rear engined double deckers once LCT had become convinced of the latter''s superiority as they could be single manned. They were then used on other routes still conductor operated. After the formation of the West Yorkshire PTE in 1974, they were drafted in to other areas and, by withdrawal, were the only vehicles from the former constituents of the PTE to have operated in all four areas of the PTE. Upon withdrawal 574 CNW, along with its sister 572, were converted into exhibition buses for West Yorkshire County Council, serving to publicise a wide variety of services. 574 was last used as a "Peace Bus". Upon the establishment of the West Yorkshire Transport Museum project. both vehicles were presented to the museum, where 572 continued in use as an exhibition bus, whilst 574 was despatched to Thornbury Works for restoration as a bus. This work was not fully completed as de-regulation led to the closure of the works before the job could be completed. 574 then stayed with the project until purchased by David Crowther of Classic Coaches, where it stayed until this business went into administration.It then passed to the ownership of Malcolm King,a former LCT employee, before being purchased by Warren McClintock. 

The vehicle is now owned by Greg Lawson and is available for hire www.yesteryearcars.co.uk


1965 Leyland PD3 Open Top
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BUF 267C is one of a batch of the famous Queen Marys delivered to Southdown Motor Services in 1965. Delivered as a covered top double decker the vehicle would have seen service in the Portsmouth/Brighton/Eastbourne area. Following its withdrawal from service, the vehicle was sold to Weardale Motor Services of Stanhope and was used on their route to Bishop Auckland until the late 1980s. It was then purchased by Wallace Arnold Tours of Leeds who also acquired another of the same batch. Whilst the other one was a convertible open topper, and was used in the Torquay area, BUF 267C was converted to an open top by removing its roof, and guard rails added to the edges of the upper deck body. The vehicle then took up duties from Leeds depot , christened Arnie, and undertook a number of high profile duties involving cup winners from both football and rugby league teams. Upon the merger of the Wallace Arnold and Shearings businesses, the vehicle was sold to Neil Millington of Horsforth, who had close connections with Wallace Arnold  through his business. Neil had the vehicle restored to Southdown livery and it was to feature in a film about Leeds United, as well as carrying the victorious Doncaster Rovers team on their promotion to the Championship League in 2008. The vehicle is now owned by Greg Lawson and is available for hire www.yesteryearcars.co.uk


1972 Leyland Atlantean Open Top
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BFS14L Ex Edinburgh Corporation. Full details to follow soon 

The vehicle is now owned by Greg Lawson and is available for hire www.yesteryearcars.co.uk